This week, I

– found out my sister’s extra sensitive when it comes to spirits/presence of the dead. After decades, I just found out (or maybe I’ve known about it and as usual have forgotten these details). After my stepmom’s death, she visited my sister every night for a month. Sister had nightly chills that time. She gets visits from my stepdad, too. And from my aunt who always invited my sister to go with her. Goodness.
– read a story written by Doris Lessing and fell in love with her description of sea water: “flaked silver”.
– received an iPod shuffle as a hand-me-down from my younger brother. World’s baligtad na.
– reread retreat letters received from fourth year classmates. Part of my epiphany: We never change in major ways, we just shift and loll around and move within the radius of our natures. Another thing: I hate papansin people who write letters using fluorescent pens on light-colored paper. Such a waste of words. Stupid people.
– kept letters from some high school classmates who revealed things about me. There’s one from Nat Gamalinda whose letter to me sounded like a poem. Those letters sparked memories. My reply to one letter which the person won’t ever find out: “You could have had me for a song.”
– got some job offers and now I have a dilemma.
– lost my phone. Bag was slashed in three different parts. That bag’s my favorite so it’s in surgery c/o Dr./Mr. Quickie. I lost contacts, special messages, quotes from writers, birthday alerts of writers and musicians (and of course, friends), and photos.
– will attend a formal event.
– received a copy of Metro Society’s latest issue where my article is published. Sister said: Why is your photo in the contributors’ page pang-CV while the rest of the writers submitted travel photos? Simple answer: There’s another E_ _ G_ _ _ _ over on Facebook so I want to claim that article as mine using a photo that clearly shows my face.
– helped in giving care to someone. I was just a hanger-on but it was quite a huge deal because hospitals scare the shizz out of me.

And it’s just the middle of the week. I don’t even want to challenge it and say “BRING IT!!!”

Song for this entry: Frou Frou’s Let Go “these mishaps you bubble wrap”


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