project project project

As usual, I don’t know what to do.

This time for my thesis. As early as now (or hell, as early as when I enrolled for pre-requisite subjects), I should have had a project in mind. It should guide you when you choose your electives; it should drive you to start reading up on it and collect essays. It should.

But all I have are images:
– Eggs caked with dirt
– The child Amelie taking photos of animal-shaped clouds
– Bubbles exploding
– Baby turtles fleeing toward the safety of the blue
– Gnarled trees and veined hands
– Leafless trees
– Baobabs
– Eurydice forever leaping back into the void
– Ants carrying a corpse of an insect
– Red doors, hinges, a cat’s tail
– A music video of MGMT
– Demi Moore emerging out of the water in a white bikini (yes, this is included)

So where does this leave me? Lost-ness.

The impracticality of the situation is not lost on me.

I need to focus. Help? Here are my fascinations:

– Doors
– The concept of cruelty and kindness
– Selfishness
– Orphans
– The concept of falling / vertigo / suicide
– Diaspora / or not feeling at home in your skin


Can you believe I do things to annoy myself?


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