For my reference: THESIS discussion

From my beautiful girl who nurses sunshine
What’s the common thing in all your favorite works, how you’ve written them (style) and why you use the style and write the way you do. Kasi it isn’t just the recurring images and themes that matter, but in your case, it’s also abt why you write in a different/’difficult’ way. What attracts you to that style/tendency? Why is that your desire?

Hindi naman unahin iyong form niya (meaning the owner of this blog), pero pansin ko kasi she tends to be ‘difficult’. Why the tendency, given the debate between accessible and difficult poetry? I don’t think she has made her mind up to go whole hog difficult pero in addition to the theme question, she needs to think about why she has this dare-i-say-it ‘modern’-like; tendency or an attraction thereto. In addn to “why write abt THIS” ALSO Why not write like S? L? J?

Who is it I read and why?

From my boy who covers violence and eros
i’m pretty sure there’s a thread running through things somewhere, be it thematic or formal! mas ok sigurong unahin – ang theme (for me). mas fruitful lang (for me). form kasi, there’s only so much you can contrib (o baka for fic lang) – because poetry is so rich di ba? you write in a particular way and your theme/intention perhaps dictates it.

I agree. baka it’s her intention. fruitful i-differentiate siya with S e. the themes are diff din. start from there

Baka naman it’s how the poet she reads writes? then she inserts her thematic concerts and voila, a nice interplay.


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