‘heart’ the thought

During an exchange gift session, one of my friends gave me three music CDs.

These are:

The Best of Prodigy
I recall after every high school and college exam, I would crank up my favorite cassette tape/CD of the moment to drown in noise. In high school, the stress of being in an honors class and maintaining one’s rank was sometimes so overwhelming I could get lost for hours listening to music. Prodigy’s Fat of the Land was one of the most played tapes in my collection.

The White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan
I can’t recall when I started being addicted to The White Stripes but it was definitely in high school when I was a fledgling idiot and they were a fledgling duo. Few duos could grab me this insistently and this graphically. If you haven’t listened to them, shame on you.

Simply Red 25 Greatest Hits
The source of the gift explained the relevance of the CD. It was during prom, and we were the only ones who were able to relate with each other when she mentioned the song. Years and years after, she still has that nugget of memory, and she passed it on to me.

I hate perky people, but I love cheery and gay music. Here’s to Simply Red’s Fairground. While playing this video, imagine U.P. Oblation with a large white star behind him. So gay, so lovingly gay. As Molly Shannon’s famous flick character would say, “SUPERSTAR!”

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