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WBAZ and then some

Ever since I first heard about Jonsi of Sigur Ros and Cameron Crowe collaborating for this movie, I’ve been antsy to watch We Bought a Zoo that’s based on a true story. I knew it was going to be like watching Vanilla Sky and Almost Famous with their amazing scoring and song line-up, but only this time, animals share the billing. 🙂

I wanted to watch this by myself in the cinemas as a way of paying respect to Jonsi and Crowe. Thing is, I was invited by a friend and her group of friends to see the film. At the end of it all, it was a night of laughter and banter. And of course, of newly stored memories.

The movie is about a family trying to survive the death of the mother. Writer Benjamin Mee, portrayed by Matt Damon, seeks to buy a new house as a fresh start for him, for his eldest son and his youngest daughter. This is because every where he goes in his village, he is reminded of his beautiful wife. The minute Ben and his daughter sees a rundown country house, they fall in love with it. One complication: It’s a zoo.

We Bought A Zoo

Crowe is an expert in dialogues, and the songs by Jonsi weave in and out of scenes like magical silver strings. Every time a Jonsi track ribbons in, I would start getting goose bumps!

Liner notes

This movie is a keeper for me primarily because of the soundtrack and then due to the animals, and lastly, due to the story line. Oh, Elle Fanning is here at her adorable brilliance and Scarlett Johansson, too. ❤ Plus Thomas Haden whom I adore after watching him portray a slacker yet sweet uncle in Smart People.

Elle and Scarlett

The youngest daughter is a little angel while the animals are at their best selves.

I wish zoos were like this — a glen, a safe haven for them. I hate zoos that practice “inhumane” ways of tending to animals — cages that are tiny, unsanitary practices, using animals as forms of entertainment, and the obvious intention to make money than to uphold animal welfare. This is the reason why I have long boycotted zoos and Manila Ocean Park.

There’s this scene where Elle’s character asks Scarlett’s character who or what she would choose if given the choice between people and animal. Turning into a rom-com at the tail end of the story, the movie shows Scarlett’s and Elle’s characters choosing people.

When I heard that question, I muttered to myself, “animals”. My seatmate heard me. She smiled at me and touched my arm.

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this just in!!!

*cue palpitations

the god that is thom yorke

Radiohead to perform in Taiwan on July 25, 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please god please please please let Radiohead come to RP!

(or if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain)

This is lifted from

You heard us right – it looks like Radiohead will be in our region this summer 2012! The English rock band has confirmed a date in Taiwan on 25th July 2012, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a possible Asia tour.

Radiohead skyrocketed to fame in 1992, with their iconic single, “Creep.” Eight albums and numerous iconic hits later, the band has not shown any signs of slowing down. Transcending from rock music to a more experimental sound as the years went by, Radiohead has still managed to draw the world in, with their raw talent, passion for music and hypnotic tunes. You can bet fans all over the world got ecstatic when the band released their latest album, The King of Limbs, in 2011, which hit the digital world with a bang, thanks to frontman Thom Yorke’s wonderfully freaky dancing in the “Lotus Flower” video.

The band will be heading to Taiwan this July 2012, and hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, we’ll see more Asia dates crop up soon.

Radiohead Live in Taiwan
Date: 25th July 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
Prices: NT$4000, NT$2500


please god please please please!

This is Thom Yorke doing his own dance for Lotus Flower. Just listening to their latest album is a good consolation from not being blessed with the chance to be part of Coachella.

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See only red

Apart from yellow, my favorite color is red; to be specific, blood red or in Filipino slang as per my insistence to call it thus, puta red. I also love red umbrellas to the point that I wrote a tribute for it here.

I feel red’s kick, its vitality, and its oozing luster that just breathes verve.

We all know Macy Gray. We all know her songs such as I Try and She Ain’t Right For You. I recently stumbled upon a fan’s music video that makes use of her song, I Try, over on Youtube. She is caty201074. Her usage of images with red tones is beautifully rendered.

Here are some stills:

I remember a friend who assigned this song to a special someone. I don’t know if they’re still together or if her world “already crumbled,” and she’s rebuilt it. All I know is this truth: Macy Gray’s voice matches red’s vitality. This is red in melody and in harmony. (oh, that rhymed, hee)

Another creation that celebrates red is Salvador Dali’s painting, The Elephant.

And my latest bloody fascination? A photo that merges motion, mermaid, dance, drowning, water, and red’s fiery character posted on this marvelous site (thanks, G dear, for the link).

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The root of my “I am a golden god” fascination

I remain a nerd, and deep down, will always be uncool. In grade school, I tried to be cool. I think I only succeeded when I was in Grade 7. In high school, I felt uncool, but I think others saw me as cool. In college, I felt cool because I was a fish out of water since U.P. didn’t want me. In all those times, I was a nerd and felt uncool.

Every time I am overwhelmed by a movie, a book, a song, or an album, I always wish to write an essay or piece about it. What a nerd. I think I’ve done that a few times on my other blog for some mainstream titles. But the ones that have lodged themselves in me? I have never written about them. That was how overwhelming they are, they freeze my writing energy.

So imagine my persistence when I decided to use Almost Famous as my movie for a Hero’s Journey paper for a class. I could have chosen easier-to-peg movies like Kill Bill or even Little Miss Sunshine, but I wanted to pay homage to this movie.

The scenes still gave me goosebumps — the bus ride when they sang Tiny Dancer, Penny Lane alone onstage dancing to Cat Stevens’ The Wind, and Russell’s response to William’s question, “What do you love about music?,” which is “To begin with: Everything.” Of course, my perpetual and silly favorite would be the “I am a golden god” scene and the boot cut’s coverage of a Led Zeppelin song.

For all my ficklemindedness, mania, and distractions, I am glad I have these constants in my life. They’re like the five rings on my left hand: They anchor me. And it’s all cool.

This phrase actually belongs to R. Plant of Led Zep. Bow to the master.

I leave you with some quotes:

“I can’t keep up with you!”
“Oh, no one can.”

“And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.”

“Now you know my secrets, you’ve got me.”

“I’m always home. I’m uncool.”

“True music chooses you.”

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