thoughts while taking a break from work

(this doesn’t presuppose that I have been productive)

– March is for contemporary jazz dance. I enrolled in a class. Our teacher’s name is Mervin. He is male, and he can do the side and front splits. What a darling.
– Our piece uses Adele’s Someone Like You. Right now, the choreography that we know is for the first and second stanza, but we’ve been panting like racehorses. I’m scared to find out the choreography for the chorus. I’m more scared to perform. My body creaks and howls in the right places, and I and my body are enjoying the workout.

Knee pads required!
– It is cruel to be kind.
– I have finally done what I’ve been postponing to do. A doctor from St. Luke’s diagnosed me, and now I have answers to my questions, but more questions are looming. Blue pill or red pill? 🙂

And now back to regular programming. I will try to post a more coherent set of entries soon.


3 thoughts on “thoughts while taking a break from work

  1. Eva? I have a hug for you. I shall envelop you in it while keeping as far away as possible from your [bruised] knees, never fear.

    Yours in exhaustion,

    • weight of words says:

      Aww, Andy, thank you! I have another post about dancing. Soon! Addict lang talaga. 🙂 And yes, await a photo or two of a new batch of bruises. How have you been?

  2. […] a previous post about bruises I got from the rehearsals. That was how excited I was. Ang sakit […]

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