hands, feet, rhyme, rhythm

(copyright 2011 So You Think You Can Dance)

There are rare times that I wish that I were more devoted to dance than to poetry. There are rare times that I would fantasize about my life taking a different route. What if I did not join the Creative Writers’ Guild in high school and opted to be part of the Dance Club? What if I did not focus on the kids from the orphanages in college and focused more on winning a slot in a dance organization (read: What if I decided to become selfish?)? What if I’d known about Makiling School for the Arts just in time for my mother to consider enrolling me?

I would probably be dancing now, and at night, I would be writing about my frustrations, the choreography, the weightlessness I would feel from a routine. Aaaaaand see here! I go back to writing even as I fantasize about dancing. I am doomed to remain Writing’s mistress forever.

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2 thoughts on “hands, feet, rhyme, rhythm

  1. glenskie says:

    Hi, E. Write about dance, movement, weightlessness. I am sure it will be moving (hehe, pun).

    • weight of words says:

      Loving the pun, G. 🙂 I did write one poem about it, and typical cynical me, the persona kept on having accidents while dancing, hee.

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