in which i raise several points

(while listening to morphine’s souvenir)

i don’t know what’s happening, but it’s either my friends have decided not to invite me to their wedding events or they are not getting married.

which brings me to a point. i want to attend wedding rites for that thrill of dressing up and then of annoying the organizer when i refuse to take part in that stupid bouquet throwing circus.

i want to have photos taken with friends and make faces. i want to gorge on desserts and take advantage of the open bar (note to friends who are engaged: be sure to have an open bar. it’s rude not to have one, haha!)

which brings me to another point. i don’t ever want to get married. the Catholic rites amuse me, and i think i would look horrid in any formal attire. what’s more, i wouldn’t be able to do my signature tongue-out pose for the photographers. on the other hand, the straight or heterosexual world gives a couple sanction to legalize their partnership (and without publicly declaring it, hand out consent for the two to fuck their brains out on their wedding night, hee) while the LGBT members here in our feudalistic country have to content themselves with commitment ceremonies and rites.

which brings me to another point. the 14th Congress is still dilly-dallying when it comes to the Anti-Discrimination Bill and is busy dealing with other matters — other matters hopefully not concerning P-Noy’s love life (I’ve had enough of this since day 1, as in day 1 when he decided to run for office).

which brings me to yet another point — that there is no point to this post, that the heat is making me fantasize about carousel rides and playing with pinwheels and releasing sky lanterns, that a hand — anyone’s — zippered in mine will forever feel strange (two or three sizes looming over my midget and), and that if anyone wants to be with me, they have to understand the language of mirages and mermaids.

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