high school moment

i know, i know, i’ve been dropping promises that i’ll eventually upload photos from my latest tat adventure (and that was months back, gah!) to my latest meet-up with my kids at Redeemer’s Home Orphanage.

but what can i say about my priorities? skewed forever.

meet my cuddle buddy and arm candy for the moment, fashion designer and father of two adopted kids, francis libiran.

he’s a twitter and facebook fixture nowadays because of his stint at America’s Next Top Model designing J-pop-meets-museum-gallery Hello Kitty gowns. but he’s no stranger to the circuit what with his being a dependable name in the local fashion world for years now.

i again encountered his name and his delectable photos gracing the pages of a high society magazine weeks back. next thing you know, i was requesting our team researcher to try to touch base with francis so he can guest in our show. in short, i made a wish, and it was granted!

so here it is. now look at that hand resting on my shoulder, hee.

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2 thoughts on “high school moment

  1. COMMENCE JEALOUSY MIXED WITH A HEALTHY HELPING OF LOVE (the love is for you alone, Eva, of course).

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