right back to (in)sanity

I mean after reading several pages of text about Bureau of Customs and about its commissioner, my head is about to burst. I know it’s a light read compared to, say, Einstein’s expanded explanation of the theory of relativity or T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, but current events/politics and I just don’t mix.

So I ran to music for comfort. Today’s highlight (well, since yesterday, actually) is the mistress of punk cabaret art, Amanda Palmer, and her song Want It Back (“it doesn’t matter if you want it back, you’ve given it away”). I mean how bad-ass can she get?  Just when you have contented yourself with her latest amazing gig or act or deed, she goes around and surprises people.

I once had words of poetry written on my body, but it was only for a photo shoot, and it was a shot of my back dripping with words. I just like the thought of how bodies can be used as canvas. In this video, she uses the awesome talent of tattoo artist, Curran James.

Amanda Palmer, stop motion, words… awesomeness.

My mind has righted itself back to insanity, bow.

I don’t own any rights of this song, fyi

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2 thoughts on “right back to (in)sanity

  1. Alyza says:

    Galing! I haven’t been listening to Amanda P in a long while. Awesome video, awesome song. Now I can has a new LSS! Whee.

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