and another season ender

the series, new girl, had me at the moment when zooey deschanel’s character, jess, started coining aliases for her whorish personality she made up as a way to surprise her boyfriend after coming from a trip. it turned out she was the one surprised — she caught him with another girl. that was when she needed a new apartment and ended up being the new girl in a loft she shared with three boys.

another time that the show had me was when the four did a slow chicken dance in the middle of a wedding reception.

another time was when jess went through another break-up, and she found comfort in a song. instead of doing a dirty dancing marathon the way she did when she left the boy who cheated on her, she played joni mitchell’s river for 10,000 times.

one after the other, the stand-out scenes came and went. the show entertained me and made me laugh at 1:45AM or at 11:01AM. props to cece, the hottest best friend a tv series can ever cast and to my favorite, schmidt, whose o.c. tendencies partnered with a prissy yet douche-y personality made him a winner in my book. it came to a point that i “fasted” by not watching succeeding episodes for three months to prolong reaching the final episode.

and just as expected, the ending came. and it was sassy, fun, whimsical, light, offbeat, and memorable. the season ender even played several of the songs i like.

just like that, the show drew to a close.

i wonder how i would react once i reach the season ender and finale of house. i’d probably grovel and forget the passing of days. if i have genes for beards, i would grow it long.  i would have a song or two on loop, too, and maybe do my version of the slow chicken dance.

i will update you. the possibilities of coping are endless.

in other news, The Newsroom series is promising. the pilot episode was riveting, the lines were brilliant, the camera work was superb. i didn’t realize i was holding my breath in awe until the credits  rolled in. if the pilot were a song, it would be jimi hendrix’s purple haze.


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