: approximately a year ago, G and I talked about the possibility of looking for our own version of KL. T was supportive. in a way, she is her own KL and Leland’s, too.

: two days ago, a five-seater plane crashed in masbate. the plane contained secretary jesse robredo, two pilots, and one police assistant. only the police survived; divers and rescuers are still combing sites looking for secretary robredo and the two pilots.

: since saturday afternoon, i’ve been feeling sad for secretary robredo’s family. if the passenger were PGMA or P-Noy, i would have celebrated. you know how goodness just emanates from a person? secretary robredo’s does.

: over bottles of beer, G and I used to debate about the commercialism and  trivialities of love. oh if only we were simple-minded, and no theories and intellectualisms weighed our minds, we would be happy.

: i was never really combing for anything. if anything, i cherished the unmoored life.

: my body is defying the lack of dancing activity. yesterday, it threatened to pack its bags and set camp in a dance studio. it tells me, i am looking for a melody, and my bones can’t handle the stillness.

: my pinkie finger is missing its rightful ring and feels left out from the other fingers with their rightful bands. my pinkie is so small that i suspect the ring must have slid off and landed unnoticed on a cinema carpet. i have never stopped my search for it. it is made of faux silver, and its band has yellowed over the years. the design is an itsy-bitsy yin yang. this is a ring i bought at a stand when i was in grade 7, year 1995. i noticed i write about it in present tense. when you are still in search of an object, the present overwhelms you, and the item in non-possession summons.




3 thoughts on “search

  1. gulayarchipelago says:

    Has it already been a year? 😦 And why aren’t we able to all meet up? 😦

    • weight of words says:

      I think so kasi K (the hot girl a la mpdg trope that we loathe) was a classmate first semester, hindi second semester of last year. Am I correct, T? We’ve been so busy, and G is giddy-busy. I miss those days.

  2. weight of words says:

    Just to clarify (OC!), we hate the trope, not K, hehe.

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