just a quick thought

When I travel, here are some of the various (and sometimes crazy) things I do:

a) I sleep
I can only sleep very late at night. Because of the lack of sleep, fatigue sets in anytime of the day. That instance in the photo while on route to a beach in Quezon, I just had to sleep so I found the most convenient spot. It’s not the most comfortable place in the world, but it did its job nicely. Except for that part when the wood loosened, and it landed on my head.

Not the easiest person around during mornings (or I hate perky people especially in the morning)

b) I bring a book and try to be alone
This photo entertains me because it shows how sloppy I dress even with a maillot; how impossible for me to get that hourglass figure; my attachment to books wherever I go; and how good-looking people are never too far away (and upon closer inspection can disappoint, hehe).

Ay, tabingi lang maglakad

c) I do an Elmira
Yes, I do an Elmira of Tiny Toons by terrorizing/cuddling too much/regarding too much animals. Here, I just wanted to pet the giant chicken/local turkey. They were not warm and welcoming as you can see.

Freak show

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