– I always wanted to stay beside someone whose laugh reminds me of harp tunes (how I can breathe easy with that laughter) and who can still beat me at thumb wrestling. I am a cheat when it comes to thumb wrestling.

– The fragments that linger before I forget a place/event/snippet/experience are related with voices: volume, timbre, sonic quality, allusions, musicality or lack of it. It’s like a snowflake, the human voice. You can ask two persons to say one phrase, and everything will be different, or the nuances of it. Nuance, how it sounds like dance or trance or chance. All breathing and breathy, no hinges or latches, the occasional doorstopper.

– I met someone way younger than I am, and she entertains me. Look at how everyday objects entertain cats — a crumpled piece of paper, an empty box, a fly. That’s how I see her — a regular object that fascinates. I am not interested in her THAT way. It’s just funny the way she makes my head tilt in curious fancy. I lie in wait for the killer strike, my left hand rounding itself like a paw.

– I just tweeted that the world is unkind to insomniacs sometimes. Silence presses down on me, people’s snoring scares me, the cat is busy prowling corners and nooks for invisible preys. I only dream bad dreams, nightmares. The latest one involved a lot of running and escaping. It felt so real. It started with me in bed; I woke up in bed, too. There was almost no dividing line that I needed to reorient myself with the room and its familiar edges and landscapes. I needed to relearn the maps and routes I’ve charted. It is tiring.

– Meredith Grey of the television series Grey’s Anatomy puts value in having her own person. Her person is the one she leans on for support and who serves as the bedrock of her world. At a point in the series, she accuses her best friend Cristina that she never treated Grey as her person, that Cristina’s person is herself. That scene felt very familiar. I knew then who my person is. Dear reader, if you have a weighty semblance of who I am, I know you have a clear idea who my person is. Who is yours?


2 thoughts on “fragments

  1. Kumiko Mae says:

    I get so excited when I receive an email from your blog. I think, you make a whole world of sense. Whoever your person is, she’d be someone my person would like to get to know.

    • weight of words says:

      I wish I make a whole world of sense to myself. 🙂 At this point, my person is no one actually, therefore, my person is myself. This reply reeks of selfishness, an observation I get almost weekly. I’m glad you have your person.

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