(written on nov 20, 2012)

There is madness, there is irregularity when you work as a freelancer.

Such as this instance when I worked from 2AM to 9AM. While the neighbors were asleep/fucking/daydreaming/watching porn/eating/dying their little deaths, I was working with two night owls at my place to meet deadlines. The cat was sent to her purple room because of her addiction to swatting at data cables and internet cable like an angered god. My co-night owls downed strong coffee; my condition that results in palpitations when I drink coffee did not stop me from being envious of their coffee habit. One of them fixed me a watered down cup of coffee. Now, my heart is agitated.

After the grind, the first thing I did was listen to music. My companions are now preparing to deliver the CDs. One has a meeting; the other has to pick up 100 (100!) CDs from his place and deliver the batch to a television network. I am left here to tidy up, resume old ways, catch up with an episode or two of favored series, work some more, send and answer emails, tweet away, and look after my cat-master/monster. The playlist shifts from song after song, and I marry the day for now, content with its heat and its storm of silence left after a burst of bustle.

“No matter where we go, we take ourselves and our damage with us.” – Dexter, s07ep08

There is madness, always.


One thought on “madness

  1. Kumiko Mae says:

    There is always, how mad.

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