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September 19

Today is Tegan and Sara Quin’s birthday. The universe did a good thing in creating them. They have inspired countless people, and their music over the years have elicited different reactions.

Outtakes from their "Body Work" music video

Outtakes from their “Body Work” music video

It’s not only because they’re artists, and they’re creative, and they’re genuinely good people. It’s also because they’re practical people. Tegan and Sara create jobs for their staff. They pay their taxes, they sell merchandise, and they encourage complimentary businesses to grow with their brand. It’s so admirable and sexy the way they embody practicality. Whenever I watch videos of them, I look at their hands. Their hands are longish and have a brute force beneath their softness. I judge people by three things: 1) their voices; 2) their respect (or lack) toward animals; 3) the weight and sense of utility of their hands. Tegan and Sara have long aced these standards.

Advocacy is part of the work of their hands.

Advocacy is part of the work of their hands.

I am getting teary recalling my trip to Singapore to see them. They are a part of me, and I am glad I know and I know of kindred souls who get me and my obsession with them. I plan to buy a box or a truckload of cake tonight or cans of beer to celebrate. I need to stop; I do not wish to get more teary and wobbly. This fan might start to gush, and you won’t like it when I start to gush.

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