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Tegan and Sara concert

Back in May 2013, B and I went to Singapore to catch Tegan and Sara Quin perform live at Esplanade Hall.

B and I

B and I

On November 25, 2013, we joined young and seasoned fans of the duo at NBC Tent for a first ever concert here in Manila.

Of course, S-siders stayed near Sara's side

Of course, S-siders stayed near Sara’s side

It was a crazy night. I was squished in between B and a fat guy who was with his girlfriend. This fat guy had on a preppy outfit. He was sweating profusely despite the air conditioning. Even as I was jostled from time to time (and elbowed back I did) by this sweaty creep, I stood my ground. I was close to the stage as possible with a fleet of fans in front of me. I danced, I shouted, and I grew quiet with the crowd. The opening act led by Up Dharma Down was a mini concert in itself, and of course, Armi Millare was hot and roared her way to a dazzling finish.

Fans of Tegan and Sara were waiting for the banter. We wanted to hear their stories, we wanted to know where they went and what they ate during their Manila visit. We wanted them to rib each other and spill stories about the other. But they sang on and on, tracks from the latest album interspersed with tracks from previous brilliant albums. At one point, Tegan explained that it took them a long time – 14 years – to drop by and so they were giving us song after song to make up for lost time.

Sara dearest

Sara dearest

I saw lots of fans from a Tegan and Sara fan group that I am part of. I saw familiar faces in the crowd. We all had one purpose: We were there for the twins and for their songs; we were a community of fans and friends.

A day before the concert, I was given the once in a lifetime chance to be part of a mini press conference to interview the twins. I found myself seated two feet away from Sara. I found myself losing it from within when Tegan flashed her familiar smirk. I was able to form a coherent string of words for me to fire a question at them. When they answered, I felt dorky. I knew I had my dorky face on, but I remained calm outside. Inside, I was a quivering mess; that facet had since wet her pants the minute the twins walked into the press con venue.

Tegan's to-die-for smirk

Tegan’s to-die-for smirk

With Sara (insert silent scream here)

With Sara (insert silent scream here)

Like it's a normal event that happens all the time: a hug from Tegan with her squeezing me CLOSER

Like it’s a normal event that happens all the time: a hug from Tegan with her squeezing me CLOSER

What a lovely blur

What a lovely blur

Quin twins sandwiching Mendoza siblings

Quin twins sandwiching Mendoza siblings


Here was what I wrote about that press con on my Google+ account (apologies for my quoting myself but this is very meta, don’t you think, tee-hee):

I was lucky enough to be given a spot in the mini press con with Tegan and Sara. I was able to fire one question to them, all the while feeling dorky and overwhelmed. I gifted them with something, and I had my ukulele signed by them. The twins were very gracious and very humble. At one point, I asked Tegan to sign my tiny notebook. I forgot to ask Sara to sign the same page, but I saw Tegan reminding Sara to sign my notebook! What a sweetheart. And that hug and squeeze from Tegan made my week. And Sara, oh Sara, who was just two feet away from me. They were just mesmerizing.

My Sara Bean sporting her latest tattoos

It was not only me who had special encounters with the twins. There were those who had VIP passes at the concert. There were those who were part of the meet and greet gathering in Greenbelt. Special shout-out to Miwa who staged a mini story with her photo shoot with the twins. My gifts for the twins consisting of mug holders and story books paled in comparison with the ultra artistic creations of other fans ranging from illustrated cookies to a rendition of the twins as mermaid-birds.

Up to this day, our fan group is still nursing a post-concert depression. There was one fan that opted not to remove her concert wrist band for more than a week. I, up to this very day, can’t play my ukulele because I now see it as priceless. We continue to post comments on videos other resourceful fans would share.



With Urbandub's Lalay Lim (my date! Haha, I wish!) (Also, ignore my oily face)

With Urbandub’s Lalay Lim (my date! Haha, I wish!) (Also, ignore my oily face)

The twins have played in other cities and countries by then. They have toured the Great Wall of China and consequently have been seen from space. We are still here where they left us, drowning in the echoes of their voices.

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