Metric’s Manila concert

A fallen angel with a halo of blond hair set on fire by neon lights.

This was part of my thoughts when I was watching Emily Haines perform with her band, Metric. Her band is a powerful band. Every member is a powerhouse. Apart from Emily, James Shaw is a formidable musician.

November 2013 was the time of the Tegan and Sara concert. December was Metric’s time to wow her Manila-based fans. I was there at the concert venue with like-minded people. Metric is not at all mainstream; Metric occupies its own planet in the universe that is music, and we were happy to be part of its orbit.

To say that the concert was amazing was an understatement. Emily was on fire. Her signature moves and her perfect legs stole the show. At one point, her mic didn’t work, and half of the song was on mute. We sang with her, provided her the missing words.

What a dynamo

What a dynamo



She was touched by the strength and power of the crowd. We were relatively a small crowd, but it was a crowd that counted, that was perfect for Emily and James and Joshua and Joules. She promised she would return; I said a tiny prayer of affirmation after she made that promise.


A wild angel on keyboard

A wild angel on keyboard

Emily's creative 'partner', James Shaw

Emily’s creative ‘partner,’ James Shaw

I was behind two very tall guys. I hated them from the start to end of the show.

I was behind two very tall guys. I hated them from the start to end of the show.


Lovely, lovely James Shaw

Lovely, lovely James Shaw

She closed the concert with Gimme Sympathy. There was a female foreigner who decided to park herself beside me. As Emily sang Gimme Sympathy, every one felt the song’s power. It was like the song magnetized us. We felt the words. The foreigner felt the song so much that she suddenly held me and swayed me. The swaying was alright during the chorus part, but I felt awkward from the second stanza onward. I finally got to pry my arm away from her when it was time to applaud the band.

When my companion was ready to start the car, I told him about what happened with the female foreigner. He exclaimed, “I thought you guys were hooking up!”

And so it was that we closed this sacred day with a “face palm” moment.

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