Monthly Archives: July 2014

dolores o’riordan have sung about this

So strange to have two friends from different circles tell me that they dreamt of me.

Person A dreamt of me last Monday.

Person B dreamt of me last Friday.

Person A was happy to beat person B for having that dream about me first. Very funny to be competitive that way. And they haven’t even met each other.

I am seldom in touch with these two (but I am very much entitled when I bug them for favors haha) so it’s strange for them to have me in their thoughts.

Odder still for person A to have dreamt of something that I have recently been doing, which person A never had a clue about.

Funny and strange, right?

An acquaintance also describe me very aptly when we were having a senseless banter online: “Nene-looking ka kasi / but a deadly one.”

Like a poison in a nondescript bottle, like a bad LSS on loop.

(I miss writing here. I have been busy with work and with watching TV series and just bumming around and listening to music and obsessing over Fassbender. This blog took a backseat. Poor blog.)