There was a time when I went to visit my mom at our place in Makati City. Because we had more time than the usual, she shared all the things that happened to her when it came to her bad experiences with her deceased common-law husband’s relatives. The relatives are poor and uneducated, therefore, they had once harassed my mother for their claim over the house that my mom and her second husband had constructed. My point is this: There was too much heavy energy from my mom that I absorbed it; I started palpitating; my head throbbed and throbbed. I felt I was being punched, but the punches were coming from deep within. Another point: Uneducated people who feel entitled are the worst.


Watching 30 Rock episodes (it’s never too late to catch up on series like House and Breaking Bad and 30 Rock), I realized my life is shaping into something akin to Liz Lemon’s life. Liz is the show’s protagonist. As if I still needed convincing, life presented a piece of evidence in the form of an “almost meeting”. See, the usual suspects and me were drinking somewhere in the armpit of Manila (a far cry from our usual Quezon City watering hole) one time. I wasn’t out to check out people, but there was this person that passed by and that person’s stare was toxic and dangerous and needy and sexy. In between my friend complaining that I was the only one enjoying the night and that person’s eye-fucking, I just had to sneeze and blow my grey matter into a thick ball of tissue. The sound was unnerving, and my cough was the sound of death’s little sibling’s punk song. Needless to say, the person disappeared; that person might have even sprinted away from the scene. Liz Lemon moment.


I have a new-old illness, and it has besieged my left leg also. I have an impairment. Should I be bothered?


I am surprising myself with my recent decisions. Surprisingly, I feel calm. I guess it’s because it’s going to affect my cats in a good way.


I am reading a book on the wisdom of psychopaths and another book that has essays in it whose topics range from the romantic side of lying to Liberals vs. Democrats. My thesis is starting to take the backseat again, but I shouldn’t let it. Because I have to graduate in a certain semester or else I’m screwed.


Oxford comma excites me.

Once I had a burger, and it tasted yummier than an actual person. Another poem of mine came true.

Secrets are delicious only when they’re performed right.


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