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dance, dance, dance, and dance

I was fortunate to be given free entrance to a contemporary ballet play staged in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I watched the performance of artists from the James Cousins Company. Without Stars was a sequel to There We Have Been. These two stories are intertwined, with the first talking about the demises and the little joys in romantic relationships. I was after the second act, There We Have Been, as it was based on the first half of Haruki Murakami’s novel, Norwegian Wood.

The second act made me feel breathless for its entire duration. The female dancer danced while her feet never touched the stage floor. Her ground was the male dancer’s body. Every movement she did was precise, heavy, measured, restrained yet flowing. She had immense control of her center of gravity, and the man provided very solid and fluid ground.

My words cannot give justice to the performance. Watch this preview.

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