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books, books, books

This is me recording here the e-books I read in the past years. It comforts me to know that I still make time to read books. I hope that in the near future, I start making time for writing poetry since finding myself back home always evokes the deepest thoughts in me.

Sexing the Cherry, Jeanette Winterson
Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, Jeanette Winterson
Why be Happy When You Could be Normal, Jeanette Winterson
Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman: Adventures of a Curious Character, Richard Feynman
Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, Catherynne M. Valente
Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami
Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, Haruki Murakami
Shit My Dad (Never) Says, Oscar Wilde
No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden, Mark Owen
Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman
Good Omens, Neil Gaiman
American Gods, Neil Gaiman
A Series of Unfortunate Events, Daniel Handler
Life as I Blow It, Sarah Colonna
Heaven is For Real, Todd Burpo
Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell
The Evil that Men Do, Stephen Michaud
The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides
The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell
Orange is the New Black, Piper Kerman

The Wisdom of Psychopaths, Kevin Dutton
I Was Told There’d be Cake, Sloane Crosley
On another note, my latest book conquest was Farahad Zama’s The Marriage Bureau for Rich People.
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i will possess my life

*title is such because my LSS at present is I will possess your heart.

DISCLAIMER: Expect my writings to have complaints on aspects of work and studies for the coming months. If you’re sick and tired of these, you can switch the channel. I wish I could do that. 🙂

i am proud to share that i am done with a paper for Cultural Studies.

naaakkss.. i’m singing in the heat of day…

BUT BUT BUT there remain:

1 thesis for CL 122 >> DONE!!
1 thesis for CL 151 >> RAW TEXT DONE!!
1 objective exam for CL 151
1 reaction paper for CL 151 >> DONE!!
1 reaction paper for CL 122 >> ALMOST THERE!
1 brochure for a writing gig
2 magazine issues to work on
2 magazine articles due
1 online shop to promote
>> UPDATES as of OCT 5

Due asap.

and i am beyond panicking. i am in a panic-less state where you know the peace you are sensing is the.calm.before.the.storm.

“smile like you mean it.”

i can only think of the cows in “the far side”; calvin and hobbes; bender of futurama; sheldon of big bang theory. i would like to be hugged by you, you dear fictional characters.

i miss reading lit books. bookmarks are decomposing between pages 26 and 27 of A.S. Byatt’s The Game, between pages 10 and 11 of George Saunders’ The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil, between Virginia Woolf’s diary pages, volume 1. And my journal? It has forgotten the strokes of my words.

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