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dog days

Today, I break this hiatus to write about a famous dog and a little bit about his human, a bit about my dogs, and a whisper about me.

I’ve always stalked Neil Gaiman online but never raved about him outright. I guess when I am too overwhelmed and too in awe, I fall into silence. I respect him, and his words, and his tales. I love him because he is an animal lover, and I love him because when he grieved for Cabal, I found myself peering into a dark space where I will surely find myself when my own dog, Jomari, dies. I love him because he loves his Amanda the way a selfless person loves another human.

He has authored a slew of books, co-authored another handful, and worked with fellow gods of the trade like Clive Barker and Alan Moore. I would love to have my hands on Chu’s Day and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. To date, I have a copy of Fragile Things and a copy of Coraline. I returned with reluctance to its owner a copy of a comic book he created with Dave McKean. I have other gems of Neil’s worlds saved on my phone in e-book format. I owe him my fascination toward Delirium.

To say he is a great writer is an understatement. He is emphatic, is world-wise, but most importantly, he is a dog lover and also owns a handful of cats.

When Cabal died, he felt sorrow. I remember the pets I cared for and prayed that a heaven for animals is being maintained well as I write.

When Dog-dog, the dad of Jomari, fell ill, my siblings and I had him confined. It was a weeklong vigil. He passed on the same year my stepdad died. The dog and probably my stepdad as well were tired.

From time to time, I go on FaceTime to talk to Jomari and Ashley, his fellow cheeky friend at our house. Jomari cocks his head whenever we call out to him. Don’t show him you are crying; it worries him and makes him pad up to you and nudge you with his nose. Or better yet, show him you’re crying. He is a great comfort.

Here is a new project by Neil. Keep an eye out for Cabal and Lola. They’re two of the real reasons why the world is a bit brighter and lighter.

Photo by Kimberley Butler, posted on www.journal.neilgaiman.com

Photo by Kimberley Butler, posted on http://www.journal.neilgaiman.com

Neil said of this photo: "The little flashlight around her neck is not really so that she can see better in the dark. It's so I can see her in the night."

Neil said of this photo: “The little flashlight around her neck is not really so that she can see better in the dark. It’s so I can see her in the night.”

All photos and appropriate captions plus Youtube video link are from journal.neilgaiman.com

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I can let go of desserts, even shoes, but never, ever take music and my books away from me. I have always fancied creating a sort of last will and testament, only it won’t bequeath money and property to my loved ones. It will bequeath books and my journals to them, plus my mixed cassette tapes, my hard disk drives, my stuffed toys, and of course, my tiny pillow.

just look at this small pile!

kikomachine, ma'am beni santos, plath... how varied can one get?

i can go on for years just reading and reading books. and before I die, i know that one of the things that would comfort me is Jorge Luis Borges’s idea: “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” That plus an infinite well of songs that the dead can play day in and day out. heaven.

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