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The months in music

2013 was steeped in music in my case. There was the Tegan and Sara concert in Singapore; there was the Metric concert in Taguig; there was another Tegan and Sara concert right here in Manila.

2014 started off with a blast thanks to music again. I attended the Febfest concert in Pasig, a two-leg concert featuring Warpaint/Mogwai on the first week and Buke and Gase/Youth Lagoon/The National on the second week.

The first week was awesome. The lovely girls of Warpaint signed my CD and poster and even called me “Eveeee” Wall-E style. They performed impressively, to say the least. Mogwai was in their element, and the people swelled in number when it was time for Mogwai to perform.



The second leg of the Febfest saw a tremendous number of attendees. The noise and craft of Buke and Gase were amazing; Youth Lagoon did not disappoint.

Buke and Gase

Buke and Gase

Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon

The National was a different story. The band was hypnotic. Matt Berninger knew how to make a sizzling performance. Credit that to beer and adrenaline, to a crowd that adored him and sang with him in every song he belted out.

The National

The National

Matt was also a challenge to the security team. He came dashing toward us and made a motion of leaping toward the audience. It was funny because one of the spots he chose from the mosh pit area was the one where there were mostly girls. Not to be sexist but our frames were not built to catch someone like Matt wishing to crowd surf. Check out my YouTube page with this video and wait for that moment when everything slipped off from the frame because I was jostled and pushed back and away from Matt (apologies for the audio). I was able to touch Matt’s chest (more like his tuxedo) before the crowd swelled and elbowed me away.

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let me give you another reason to love-hate nostalgia

hay, ang galing talaga ng grupong to. (sigh, this group is really something else) >> haha, i so assume that not only Pinoys read my blog.

i’m glad i was born with an affinity for music. i can’t imagine my life without it.

could be a scoring for a couple of poems i’ve written.

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