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The months in music

2013 was steeped in music in my case. There was the Tegan and Sara concert in Singapore; there was the Metric concert in Taguig; there was another Tegan and Sara concert right here in Manila.

2014 started off with a blast thanks to music again. I attended the Febfest concert in Pasig, a two-leg concert featuring Warpaint/Mogwai on the first week and Buke and Gase/Youth Lagoon/The National on the second week.

The first week was awesome. The lovely girls of Warpaint signed my CD and poster and even called me “Eveeee” Wall-E style. They performed impressively, to say the least. Mogwai was in their element, and the people swelled in number when it was time for Mogwai to perform.



The second leg of the Febfest saw a tremendous number of attendees. The noise and craft of Buke and Gase were amazing; Youth Lagoon did not disappoint.

Buke and Gase

Buke and Gase

Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon

The National was a different story. The band was hypnotic. Matt Berninger knew how to make a sizzling performance. Credit that to beer and adrenaline, to a crowd that adored him and sang with him in every song he belted out.

The National

The National

Matt was also a challenge to the security team. He came dashing toward us and made a motion of leaping toward the audience. It was funny because one of the spots he chose from the mosh pit area was the one where there were mostly girls. Not to be sexist but our frames were not built to catch someone like Matt wishing to crowd surf. Check out my YouTube page with this video and wait for that moment when everything slipped off from the frame because I was jostled and pushed back and away from Matt (apologies for the audio). I was able to touch Matt’s chest (more like his tuxedo) before the crowd swelled and elbowed me away.

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Songs: Feel It in My Bones and Goodbye Stranger

I plan to blog about a song or two every week. This week, I bring you DJ Tiesto’s Feel It in My Bones and Supertramp’s Goodbye Stranger.

Feel It in My Bones is a song by DJ Tiesto featuring Tegan and Sara Quin and is found in Tiesto’s 2009 Kaleidoscope album. Here’s a segment of the lyrics: “Blow by blow I didn’t see it coming/Blow by blow sucker punch/Rushes in here to stay/Rushes in you are here to stay/What rushes into my heart and my skull/I can’t control, think about it/Feel it in my bones/What rushes into my heart and my skull I can’t control/I feel you in my bones/You’re knocking at my windows/You’re slow to letting me go/And I know this feeling/Oh, so/This feeling in my bones/Left hook I didn’t see it coming/Left hook you’ve got dead aim….”

The title is very apt for me. “My bones hold a stillness,” as Plath wrote once. Mine hold stillness and pain. I can feel the season shifting not just through platitudes and expletives from the media and from commuters but right through my speaking and creaking bones. When it is colder, my bones thrum and quiver in fear. They, too, know how massive the cold can become and how tiny my bones can become wishing to hoard heat and warmth.

When you have brittle bones susceptible to scoliosis and slipped disc, you become more accustomed and more alienated to your body. My body is more pliant toward my bones. When my spine dictates pain, my body follows suit. It chooses flat shoes, it chooses dresses and pants to go along with the flat shoes, it can even cancel a night-out, it can dictate what sort of fun to have and what sort of fun to abandon.

I am writing this as my right wrist and right forearm creak. My office space is right smack under the sweep of the air conditioning breeze. My bones are again whispering to leave, get out, flee from the cold, but everything is suspended.


Part of Supertramp’s 1979 album, Breakfast in America, Goodbye Stranger paid me a visit again on Friday via a Tumblr entry. I caught a whiff of this song in the film, Magnolia, and it has never failed to arrest my thoughts for its creativity and for the natural selfishness and greed the song embodies.

I celebrate greed, I champion selfishness. Thus, this song is one of the songs that encapsulates clearly who I am. Like the song, I am not apologetic. Like the song, I wonder sometimes: “Will we ever meet again?” But this curiosity is fleeting. After all, strangers are more arresting than acquaintances.

Goodbye Stranger
Songwriters: Richard Davies and Roger Hodgson

It was an early morning yesterday, I was up before the dawn
And I really have enjoyed my stay but I must be moving on
Like a king without a castle, like a queen without a throne
I’m an early morning lover and I must be moving on
Now I believe in what you say is the undisputed truth
But I have to have things my own way to keep me in my youth
Like a ship without an anchor, like a slave without a chain
Just the thought of those sweet ladies sends a shiver through my veins
And I will go on shining, shining like brand new
I’ll never look behind me, my troubles will be few
Goodbye strange it’s been nice, hope you find your paradise
Tried to see your point of view, hope your dreams will all come true
Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane, will we ever meet again
Feel no sorrow, feel no shame, come tomorrow, feel no pain
Sweet devotion (Goodbye Mary), it’s not for me (Goodbye Jane)
Just give me motion (Will we ever) and set me free (Meet again)
And land and the ocean (Feel no sorrow), far away (Feel no shame)
The life I’ve chosen (Come tomorrow), every day (Feel no pain)
So goodbye Mary (Goodbye Mary), goodbye Jane (Goodbye Jane)
Will we ever (Will we ever) meet again (Meet again)

Now some they do and some they don’t and some you just can’t tell
And some they will and some they won’t, with some it’s just as well
You can laugh at my behaviour that’ll never bother me
Say the devil is my saviour but I don’t pay no heed
And I will go on shining, shining like brand new
I’ll never look behind me, my troubles will be few
Goodbye stranger it’s been nice, hope you find your paradise
Tried to see your point of view, hope your dreams will all come true
Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane, will we ever meet again
Feel no sorrow, feel no shame, come tomorrow, feel no pain
Sweet devotion (Goodbye Mary), it’s not for me (Goodbye Jane)
Just give me motion (Will we ever) and set me free (Meet again)
And land and the ocean (Feel no sorrow), far away (Feel no shame)
The life I’ve chosen (Come tomorrow), every day (Feel no pain)
And now I’m leaving (Goodbye Mary), got to go (Goodbye Jane)
Hit the road (Will we ever), I say it once again (Meet again)
Yes I’m leaving (Feel no sorrow), got to go (Feel no shame)
Got to go (Come tomorrow), I’m sorry I must tell you (Feel no pain)
Goodbye Mary (Goodbye Mary), goodbye Jane (Goodbye Jane)
Will we ever motion (Will we ever) meet again (Meet again)

I believe, yes, I’ve got to get away

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right back to (in)sanity

I mean after reading several pages of text about Bureau of Customs and about its commissioner, my head is about to burst. I know it’s a light read compared to, say, Einstein’s expanded explanation of the theory of relativity or T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, but current events/politics and I just don’t mix.

So I ran to music for comfort. Today’s highlight (well, since yesterday, actually) is the mistress of punk cabaret art, Amanda Palmer, and her song Want It Back (“it doesn’t matter if you want it back, you’ve given it away”). I mean how bad-ass can she get?  Just when you have contented yourself with her latest amazing gig or act or deed, she goes around and surprises people.

I once had words of poetry written on my body, but it was only for a photo shoot, and it was a shot of my back dripping with words. I just like the thought of how bodies can be used as canvas. In this video, she uses the awesome talent of tattoo artist, Curran James.

Amanda Palmer, stop motion, words… awesomeness.

My mind has righted itself back to insanity, bow.

I don’t own any rights of this song, fyi

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The root of my “I am a golden god” fascination

I remain a nerd, and deep down, will always be uncool. In grade school, I tried to be cool. I think I only succeeded when I was in Grade 7. In high school, I felt uncool, but I think others saw me as cool. In college, I felt cool because I was a fish out of water since U.P. didn’t want me. In all those times, I was a nerd and felt uncool.

Every time I am overwhelmed by a movie, a book, a song, or an album, I always wish to write an essay or piece about it. What a nerd. I think I’ve done that a few times on my other blog for some mainstream titles. But the ones that have lodged themselves in me? I have never written about them. That was how overwhelming they are, they freeze my writing energy.

So imagine my persistence when I decided to use Almost Famous as my movie for a Hero’s Journey paper for a class. I could have chosen easier-to-peg movies like Kill Bill or even Little Miss Sunshine, but I wanted to pay homage to this movie.

The scenes still gave me goosebumps — the bus ride when they sang Tiny Dancer, Penny Lane alone onstage dancing to Cat Stevens’ The Wind, and Russell’s response to William’s question, “What do you love about music?,” which is “To begin with: Everything.” Of course, my perpetual and silly favorite would be the “I am a golden god” scene and the boot cut’s coverage of a Led Zeppelin song.

For all my ficklemindedness, mania, and distractions, I am glad I have these constants in my life. They’re like the five rings on my left hand: They anchor me. And it’s all cool.

This phrase actually belongs to R. Plant of Led Zep. Bow to the master.

I leave you with some quotes:

“I can’t keep up with you!”
“Oh, no one can.”

“And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends.”

“Now you know my secrets, you’ve got me.”

“I’m always home. I’m uncool.”

“True music chooses you.”

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‘heart’ the thought

During an exchange gift session, one of my friends gave me three music CDs.

These are:

The Best of Prodigy
I recall after every high school and college exam, I would crank up my favorite cassette tape/CD of the moment to drown in noise. In high school, the stress of being in an honors class and maintaining one’s rank was sometimes so overwhelming I could get lost for hours listening to music. Prodigy’s Fat of the Land was one of the most played tapes in my collection.

The White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan
I can’t recall when I started being addicted to The White Stripes but it was definitely in high school when I was a fledgling idiot and they were a fledgling duo. Few duos could grab me this insistently and this graphically. If you haven’t listened to them, shame on you.

Simply Red 25 Greatest Hits
The source of the gift explained the relevance of the CD. It was during prom, and we were the only ones who were able to relate with each other when she mentioned the song. Years and years after, she still has that nugget of memory, and she passed it on to me.

I hate perky people, but I love cheery and gay music. Here’s to Simply Red’s Fairground. While playing this video, imagine U.P. Oblation with a large white star behind him. So gay, so lovingly gay. As Molly Shannon’s famous flick character would say, “SUPERSTAR!”

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it’s all about my…

works. (scoot away if you’re fed up)

Paper Monster Press has been very kind in including my poems (although they never tell you that you made it; I feel slightly marginalized because of my not having an FB account).

Last August or September, the Dream Pop issue was released. I’m glad my prose poem, How Somebody Mimicking Joy Williams Would Talk One Morning, found a niche there.

This month, Paper Monster Press released its Queer Punk issue with my work, Parallels, included. Note that Paper Monster Press includes aural and visual pieces from other artists, too, apart from our humble words.

Over the moon. Am just tad sad for not being able to attend UP Writers’ Night. Paper Monster Press people were present at the said event selling copies of the Queer Punk Issue which, by the way, has a bad ass cover.

Thanks to my queer and dear friend, Jordan, for letting me know that my work made it to Queer Punk and for these lists and these images. Kinda makes up for the disappointment over the “vanishing” of an office that owes… Oh I’m gonna shut up now.

Dream Pop Issue courtesy of Paper Monster Press


Jim Pascual Agustin (Tubig-alat sa Ating mga Mata)
Jack Alvarez (Chemistry)
Joyce Marisse Amon (Sending Out)
F. Jordan Carnice (Ghost)
Marella Jem Castro (“I Suppose You Are Real,” said The Velveteen Rabbit)
Jose Jason Chancoco (Astral Travel)
Gigi Constantino (Light Captured)
Christa De La Cruz (Reprieve)
Danilo dela Cruz, Jr. (Ang Araw na Para sa Kanya)
Lolito Go (Sa Pagkalalake)
Eva Gubat (How Somebody Mimicking Joy Williams Would Talk One Morning)
Sinta Isaac (Espongha)
Mark Alvin Jabrica (Listen To Your Mother)
Melay Guanzon Lapeña (Continuity Study)
Veronica Laurel (Waking)
Jenni de Leon-Slater (Colin)
A.B. Mendoza (Dry As Leaves)
Patrick Quintos (1:00 a.m.)
Thirteen Salonga (Encounter #1)
Dott Seki (One Man Universe)

The Dunes (Going Under)
Eggboy (No Way Jose-Alternate Version)
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (Postlude to Fervor)
Identikit (Tiny Fractures)
The Informations (The Wind and The Stone)
J-Solo (Riding Waves, Passing Time)
KR-O.K (Run To Me-Beegees Cover)
Lipstick Tears (Will You Please)
Minimal Pop (Le Rêve)
Monochrome (Grey Sky Manila)
Neuter Lover (Find)
Phantom Sizemore (How To Kill a Giant Robot)
Pogs (Sticky Dreams)
The Standards (Espinosa)

Jesus Tejada
Bunny Rose
Tilde Acuña
Chris Bird

Queer Punk Issue of Paper Monster Press


Ayn Frances dela Cruz (Red Balloon)
Chinedu Jonathan (Cedars of Lebanon)
Christa De La Cruz (Rent)
David Neves (Final Thought 2)
Elan Sastine (Artemis and Callisto)
Eva Gubat (Parallels)
F. Jordan Carnice (Cushions)
Lolito Go (Suicide Note)
Paolo Domingo Macariola (Framing Seconds)
Ria Bautista (XVII)
Tofi Alonte (Shadowtale)
Zeraph Dylan Moore (Pre-Op Beauty)
Jeanilyn Kwan (Identity Crisis)
Daniw Santiago (Bagyo)
Elaine Lazaro (Ilang tala sa isang araw na pamumuhay kuno)
Emmanuel Halabasco (Kung bakit magaspang ang mukha ng buwan)
Jim Pascual Agustin (Lakad-lasing)

Aofie Odwyer
Lorna Zaragosa
Chris Bird
Jorge aka Munds
Archo “capitalist” bastard
Ivan Diolola
Paige de Guzman Maquiling

Mitten (All That I’ve Got)
The Heart Foundation (Stereo Lab)
The Bernadettes (Oh! Oh! Oh!)
Scantron (Sweet Song!)
The Serial Heartbreaker (Frida Boy)
Skies of Ember (I’ll Be Your Mirror)
Monochrome (Between Tranquility and Impending Death)
Elemento (Makina)
Pogs Fortes (Toke a Little)
Goodleaf (Dub Pilipinas)
The Presidents (Long, Long Time)
Lions and Acrobats (Hanging On A Cliff Named IV Drip)
Read Our Lines (The Natural)
Fherrond (The Analyst)
Method (A Bitter Farewell)

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