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that’s it

the minute the student volunteer handed the receipt to me this morning did i realize I am again a student. i did feel like one when i did a walking tour of the university the other day, hopping from one building to the next to accomplish one step out of a dozen. it was unnerving. even my deodorant threatened to give up on me. i suddenly missed ADMU enrollment despite my consistent misfortune of always landing in the last batch of enrollees as commanded by enlistment lottery. that plus the fact that i didn’t know M.A. aspirants/students are given priority. i never clung to a piece of paper like i did when i was in line to book class slots. # 36, you are now one of the more memorable digits in my life.

tomorrow is my first day, and i admit, i’m beginning to have first-day jitters. in contrast to that, i am prepared in terms of arsenal. i have notebooks, a new water bottle, a pen that assured me that a peso is to be donated to a tree planting drive, intermediate pad, correction strip, and a couple of lit books.

this is it — a new role in a dream school in a challenging course.

conjuring: edward munch’s the scream painting
feeling: edward munch’s the scream man (gaaaaaah!!)

to conjure the world of metaphor and heightened sensibilities, I leave you with this poem. incidentally, this poem is also posted in evagubat.com as a way to kick start Lit Mondays over on that site.

She Who Jumped as a Tragedy
by Jonathan D. Davila

The physicist passing
was not surprised.

He calculated the force,
She was inertia,
regardless of the tattoo
on the left thigh,
near the pubic hair,
and the supple breast’s
defiant nipple.

Nothing was wrong with
the orange building.
How much heartache she had,
the well-swept ground has matched it.

(copyright reverts to the poet/Silliman Workshop)

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